Blue Summit Supplies


Blue Summit Supplies Tape, Packing Tape, Scotch, Heavy Duty, Clear, 6-Pack

We know how frustrating it can be to find affordable packing tape in bulk that is still thick and strong enough to get the job done. Most cheap packing tape has a tendency to rip, split, wrinkle, or simply not adhere to packaging, and higher-end brands of packing tape can quickly become expensive – especially when you go through lots of rolls in either a warehouse or shipping environment, or during a move.

We designed our Blue Summit Supplies packing tape with a strong and durable acrylic adhesive so you can confidently secure your packages without having to worry about your items falling out during transit. Perfect for use at both home and the office, our tape is strong enough to securely hold boxes that weight more than 50 pounds, but also thin enough so you can quickly and easily apply it either by hand or with a standard tape gun dispenser.

Part # BSS-92588-401