Blue Summit Supplies


Blue Summit Supplies Scissors, Nonstick Titanium Scissors, 8" Length, Pointed Tip, Gray, 4-Pack

Our heavy-duty scissors are equipped with durable, titanium-coated, stainless-steel blades, making them an ideal choice for repeated use in any office, home, kitchen, or classroom environment. Eliminate the frustration of gumming up scissor blades with residue when you cut through tape or other adhesives thanks to the naturally stick-resistant qualities of titanium. Our 8 inch-blade scissors are designed for adult use and feature professional quality stainless steal blades that stay sharper, longer.

Thanks to their strong metal blades, comfort grip, and titanium coating, they can be used on a variety of materials including paper, tape, photographs, cardstock, cardboard, fabric, and more. Our cost-effective 4-pack is ideal for stocking up the supply closet or as a classroom set. Durable, non-stick blades make these ideal for use as a household or craft scissors, as well as in any kitchen, warehouse, shipping station, or professional workplace.