Blue Summit Supplies


Blue Summit Supplies Check Stock, Security Checks, Letter Size, 3-Part Perforated, Check at Top, 24lb Weight, Blue Marbled, 500-Pack

Printing business checks is a daily part of most businesses. Unfortunately, so is the risk of potential fraud. Take your check security to the next level with our Check 21 and ANSI compliant check stock, equipped with 12 unique tamper-resistant security features to protect your accounts against fraudulent activities.

The chemically protected paper creates a brown stain or spot if chemically altered in any way, and small micro-printing under the endorsement area causes blurring if the check is copied or scanned. The paper is also prepared with toner adhesion and coin reactive ink that reveals any attempted tape-lifting, scraping, or rubbing. Fluorescent paper fibers, check security screen, and heat sensitive ink offer additional security against photocopying, scanning, or heat treatment. In addition, our strong quality 24 lb paper is designed to run through both laser and inkjet printers with ease, preventing jamming or tearing to help keep your workflow running smoothly.

Part #: BSS-92588-301